ACR Ranch Life

About Us

Antelope Creek Ranch Wagyu is owned and operated by Brad and Tammy Yoder and their 2 kids. Brad and Tammy both grew up around livestock and the ranching lifestyle with the dream of one day having their own cattle ranch.  The relocation to the sleepy farming community of Wiggins, Colorado, allowed us to pursue our dream.  2012 is when everything got started.

We are very dedicated to the health and well-being of our herds. We handle all our cattle with ease and finesse, not to cause stress. 

We have developed a feeding program that is like no other. We concentrate on the different developmental stages and feed appropriate rations for these stages. 

Everything put together has elevated our All-Natural Beef Program to surpass many expectations. The quality of our beef is extraordinarily above all mainstream beef production standards, and above anything that you can find in a grocery store. The difference in taste is absolutely amazing! 


The health benefits of knowing where your beef has come from is enormous!

About our Cattle

All our cattle are raised Colorado Proud Farm to Table. The care of our animals is a top priority. They are housed in an environment and handled in a way that causes as little stress as possible.

At birth a Federal Electronic Information (FEIT) Tag is placed in the animal’s ear. It remains in place until removal at the USDA processing facility.  Every life event (date of birth, birth weight, weaning weight, changes in feeding rations, etc.) is completely tracked.


For the consumer, that means that each steak, roast, or other meat cut, can be tracked back to the individual animal with their entire history and genetics.


All our cattle are produced exclusively as Vegetarian Fed and All-Natural. Animals are not fed any animal by-products except for mother’s natural milk from birth until weaning. Our cattle are fed high quality hay and grain products. Cattle are provided free-choice access to fresh water, minerals and salt. No antibiotics or hormones are used on our cattle from birth to harvest. Hormones are not given in feed, water, or by injection. If an animal has a medical need for antibiotics, the records of antibiotic usage will be recorded and attached to the animal’s tag number in our electronic tracking system and cross referenced by the animals FEIT Tag. These animals will be removed from our All-Natural Beef Program.


The Antelope Creek Ranch Wagyu herd is made up of Verified Wagyu and Wagyu/Angus cattle. Each animal is DNA verified with the American Wagyu Association and ACRW holds a Certificate of Registry for every individual animal.


All our cattle are USDA grade inspected at the processing facility. Our beef is dry aged.

Please contact us for custom meat package pricing and availability.